The simplest solution
to FMD compliance

VeriLite provides an easy online solution enabling you to meet the regulatory requirements of the FMD.

Since 9th February 2019, the Falsified Medicine Directive came into force. Whether you are a wholesaler responsible for distribution, a pharmacist or a doctor responsible for dispensing medicines, VeriLite provides an easy solution enabling you to meet the regulatory requirements of FMD.

Here's how it works

  • Connect barcode reader

    Connect your own barcode reader to your PC or Tablet

  • Connect barcode reader

    Use your favourite browser to connect automatically to your National Medicines Verification System

  • Connect barcode reader

    Start to use VeriLite to perform all the operations necessary to meet the legal requirements of the FMD

VeriLite enables you to:

  • Verify packs
  • Dispense packs
  • Update a pack’s status e.g. destroyed, sample, free sample*, stolen*, locked*
  • Reactivate a pack if required
  • Mark packs as Exported if they have been sold outside the EU

*Certain actions are only applicable to wholesalers

Operating modes to suite every user and situation

VeriLite accepts product scans in a variety of different entry modes to allow you to tailor your processes with freedom, including off-line and multiple entry modes.

FMD Scanner

Comprehensive reporting

Reporting is tailored to the user and can be exported for easy integration with other products. This includes the official designated wholesaler list for each product to enable you to manage your supplier risk obligation, and a downloadable product catalogue for products in your National System.

Falsified Medicine Alerts

Should you ever be unlucky enough to come across a potential falsified medicine, VeriLite will alert you. A unique alert ID code will be produced, which you can attach to the falsified pack, allowing it to be returned.

Variable Entry Modes

VeriLite accepts product scans whilst working in a variety of different modes, allowing you to tailor your processes with freedom.

  • Safe Mode

    Safe Mode

    Scan a pack and review its current status, before selecting an appropriate action.

  • Single Mode

    Single Mode

    Having selected an action, every pack scanned will cause the action to be executed in real time.

  • Multiple Mode

    Multiple Mode

    Packs can be scanned to create a list. Lists can then be used asynchronous processing.

  • Manual Entry Mode

    Manual Entry Mode

    Allows pack details to be entered and processed even without an attached barcode scanner.

  • Offline Mode

    Offline Mode

    Packs can be scanned and saved even when you are disconnected from the internet.

Microsoft Azure

Future proofed with no installation

VeriLite requires no installation as it is delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud to your local browser. As such VeriLite will overtime evolve to take advantage of technology advancements and to ensure that it remains completely in line with the FMD.

About Solidsoft Reply

VeriLite has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of the FMD by Solidsoft Reply. Reply are the only software engineering company to have built the European Hub, National Blueprint systems and VeriLite; the complete component set for a fully functioning European Medicines Verification System (EMVS).

CONTACT US: To get in touch or learn more about verilite email us at

Solidsoft Reply


Solidsoft Reply’s EMVS components are engineered strictly in accordance to our GAMP5 aligned Quality Management System, allowing us to produce validated systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

GS1 logo

This is to certify that VeriLite has been assessed by GS1 UK and has been found to be capable of supporting applicable GS1 standards.